Quality Info

Continuous Improvement

“We conduct all department activites through everyday improvement activities and quality reporting organized by the CEO.”

  • Daily Improvement Activity
    • Date : 10:00 every day
    • Supervision : Quality Assurance Team Leader
    • Issue :Activities for improving process nonconformities occurred the previous day
      Dissociate client complaints that occurred the previous day
  • Weekly Improvement Activity
    • Date : 16:00 once a week (Monday)
    • Supervision : Quality Management
    • Issue :Identify / manage improvement of customer concerns
      Major process defects and improvement reviews
      Open Issue Progress Control
  • Monthly Improvement Activity
    • Date : Second Tuesday of every month 07:00
    • Supervision : Representative Director
    • Issue :Report on improvement of customer complaints
      Report on improper improvement of process/ partner company.
      TOP report instructions

Mass Production Evaluation

양산성 평가
Division Target Preparations Method Target
Category all products standard type, BOM production test Weekly (Friday)
Goal Mass production transfer when quality target is achieved

Initial Flow Control

Initial flow control
Division Target Analyze and Improve Forwarding item management Target
Category All new products Review improvement by defect type and establish countermeasures 100 % total inspection Weekly (Friday)
Goal Initial flow cancellation when achieving quality goals
Activity period SOP ~ 3 months (Extended operation when quality target is not reached)