R&D Overview

We meet the requirements such as high vehicle durability, cost reduction and failure reduction through environmentally sound and sustainable development and high performance based on our technology. Furthermore we constantly propel technology advancement like FEA, upgrading rubber and new material development such as advanced composite/ engineering plastic.

  • Robust design Reinforcing OILSEAL performance and increasing lifespan
  • Next generation sealing parts Light weight/ Electronic/ Module/ Plastic

Gain next generation oil seal technology

    • Enhanced pressure
      resistant material
    • Low friction material
    • Wide range material
    • Magnetic rubber material
    • PTFE Technology

    New material development

    • Minimizing cross section
    • Complex/ Module
      design technology
    • Validation of proposal design

    High Finite element analysis

    • Hightech Test- Seal
      VS Assembly test
    • Identification of durability
      and vehicle test
    • Exclusive test equipments

    hightech test

    • auto transfer
    • insert injection
    • micro molding

    New manufacturing technology

Organization chart

Director of R&D

  • Product Design Team
    • Team Ⅰ
      • Oil Seal Product Design
      • Mold design
      • Response to customer technology
    • Team Ⅱ
      • Rubber product design
      • Mold design
      • Response to customer technology
    • Performance test
      • Test and evaluation
  • Start Development Team
    • Production and review of initial product
  • Material Development Team
    • Rubber mix design
    • Trial mix
    • Physical properties test
  • Product Development Team
    • Project manager
    • Outsourced product development