About Jinyang

CEO Message

  • Building the TRUST withQuality-First policy
  • Preparing for the FUTURE with Technology-Value policy
  • Listening to CUSTOMERS’ needs with Global Network and fulfilling them
JINYANG OILSEAL established in 1991, we offer better
value to customer with outstanding technology and quality.
We hearing customersrequirement with passion to be the best sealing
products company.
CEO Myung soo, lee
  • 1 Enterprize Resource Planning for “Zero” external PPM

    From rubber mixing process to delivery, we have organized the intergrated information manufacturing systems such as POP and ERP. We are thoroughly controlling the processing conditions, monitoring them and building Fool Proof system for prevention quality. To minimize risk cost, we build LOT tracking system and SCM. Through these activities we are building the trust with customers.

  • 2 Technology developments for grasping needs of customers and markets

    We have been investing 4% of annual sales in R&D section. This is because technology and manpower development are a must for continuous management in the future. In pursuit of gradual customers’ needs, we are striving to develop competitive advantage-technology through daring R&D investments.

  • 3 Global network
    for Just-In-Time

    We will approach customers with an open mind to meet their needs. We are listening humbly to the voices of customers through global networking in each area and applying them to our process.

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